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When law enforcement encounters a suspected controlled substance, it is necessary to determine what kind of substance it might be. These so-called presumptive tests are manufactured by M.M.C. International located in the Netherlands.
The most used and produced tests are color ID tests, however, M.M.C.has now developed a very promising new apparatus named the Narco-Sens®.
The Narco-Sens® is a completely new technology in the forensic field. It is to use, provide specific, rapid and reliable results and is able to detect many illicit substances.
Where color tests would give a color which needs a comparison to the color displayed on the ampoule, the Narco-Sens® simply tells you if it is positive for a certain narcotic within the database.
With a low detection limit (within nanogram range), the use of specially treated sensors and the measurements performed within minutes, the result is easily obtained.
Narco-Sens Portable Drugs Analyzer
The use of Narco-Sens® is easy. All you need is a loading device, a special buffer solution, and the sensor, all manufactured by M.M.C.
Simply insert some of the suspected substance with the supplied loading device/pipette/cotton swab into the special buffer solution,
stir and shake the solution, add a few drops onto the sensor and place the sensor strip into the Narco-Sens®.
A cotton swab is also supplied to check surfaces such as walls, tables, suitcases etc.
Also, pipettes are enclosed in each sensor kit for the detection of liquid controlled substances or drugs diluted in liquids/fluids.
We even developed a special method to detect cocaine dissolved in different substances such as shampoo, gel, liquids, textile, carton, plastic etc..
The Narco-Sens® uses a special method where electricity is used to determine what substance is present in your sample. The intelligent software, specially designed for the Narco-Sens®, will interpret the results for you and provides you with a simple answer. Afterward, you simply dispose of the sensor and the Narco-Sens® will be ready for its next analysis.
Other sensitive techniques might require a large expensive machine, where the Narco-Sens® is small, economic, portable, and rechargeable.
The comfort of the customer is ensured with the easy use of the Narco-Sens®. Furthermore, the results of the analysis done by the Narco-Sens® can be saved to a USB drive and then be exported and printed, so it can be stored with the sample.
Typical applications
Airports, Prisons, Police Forces, Hospitals, Customs, and other Law Enforcement Authorities.
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